Are You Ready To Surf In Bali?

Oct 26, 2020
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You must have heard that Bali has the best waters for surfing and of course, you want to head there because it’s an excellent place for surfing.

Surfing in Bali has been on your bucket list for years. But, what could be the principal reasons? Well, that includes – warm water, relatively uncrowded breaks, in contrast to California and Australia. This little island is full of natural beauty and magical vibes that pulls you toward it. You always wanted to try surfing in primitive waters of Bali, but never really got a chance to. Are you prepared for your fantasies to change into reality? Sounds good?

The blue waves have continued to entice you, and you can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to explore Bali. Let’s see what all you can have there (for surfing, of course!) –

If you like to surf, it’s essential to know the best season for surfing. It is internationally acclaimed that Bali’s beautiful southern coastline generates spectacular waves all year round. While it is always good to surf, Bali’s two seasons will actually determine where these waves can be found. Generally, the east coast is being seen as the best place to surf during the wet season and the west coast during the dry season. Perhaps, there is no surprise that the best time to surf in Bali is throughout the dry season, particularly from June to September. But the charming atmosphere of the wet season excites you out to surf, only if you are looking for a little more chilled but somewhat adventurous.

Surfing Bali In The Dry Season

The western coastline from Kuta to Uluwatu endows substantial oceanic waves to surf. You should say thanks to the south-east trade winds that blow during the season. Find out the best surf beaches on Bali’s west coast that comprises of –

Bingin Beach


Have you ever been to an exposed reef, the one where you will see no rocks, only mammoth of left-hander swells? The waves tend to be quite short which are best negotiated by advanced surfers. Bingin is a beautiful beach, and it does get crowded in very less time. In fact, you’ll get only a specified area to take off for surfing.

Tukad Balian