Top 10 Foods To Eat In NY For Foodie Dads

Jul 21, 2020
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Are you the baby of a foodie dad? If yes, then you are most likely to bump into him in the kitchen for a midnight snack. While passing by the kitchen, you find your adorable father fearlessly interrupting mom’s cooking, insisting on adding his chosen flavors and secret ingredients. Your dad automatically announces himself to the king in the kitchen on Sundays to prepare a grand feast on the breakfast table. If he may not be a cook, then he most definitely is a connoisseur of food, which implies that the cards are still in your favor, since, he frequently takes you out to the different restaurants he has explored earlier to make you try unique dishes.

So, this Father’s Day, there’s no better way to strengthen the bond with your father, so do take him to an off the wall culinary journey, where you both can sail in the savor of good food. Find out –



In the early 1900s, Italian immigrants brought pizza to NYC and it has become a New York specialty ever since. It’s all about a thin and floppy base, fresh with light mozzarella and a classic marinara sauce. Connoisseurs of Pizzas says there is something different about NY’s water that makes the pizza dough so soft and good. At New York, size of the pizza matters as 14-inches of pizza is often classed as ‘small’!



There is an art involved in creating the perfect bagel which is chewy from the inside and shiny and crispy from the outside. It was brought down to New York by the Eastern Europeans Jews in the 1880s. The New York City boasts some of the best bagels which you can find anywhere at affordable prices to fill your appetite. Are you craving for Bagels? Satisfy your bagel hankering with sixteen different types of bagels available in the city.



There is a history behind Hotdogs! It was first started by the German butcher Charles Feltman who sold hot dogs in Coney Island in 1871. Since then, hot dogs have been the traditional New York food, with no sign of waning ever. The flavors available there will blow your mind! From sweet and salty to the spicy one wrapped with chili, coleslaw, and jalapeños. Serve your palate with these appetizing hotdogs on-the-go!

Doughnuts and Cronuts